State Level Eighth Written Quiz Competition on Swami Vivekananda 2017-18


List of Items in Each Kit
1 Rice 10 Kg
2 Mug Pulses 03 Kg
3 Salt 01 Kg
4 Edible Oil 01 Kg
5 Sugar 01 Kg
6 Tea 100 Gms
7 Wheat Flour 10 Kg
8 Chilli Powder 200 Gms
9 Turmeric Powder 100 Gms
10 Coriander Leaves 100 Gms
11 Gram 2 Kg
12 Milk Powder 500 Gms
13 Candle 12 Nos
14 Match Box 01 Pkt
15 Namkeen 500 Gms
16 Biscuits 03 Pkts
17 Tarpauline Sheet (12’ x 12’) 01 No

Ramakrishna Mission was started by Swami Vivekananda in 1897 for serving people irrespective of caste, creed or religion. One of the main activities is to carry out relief work whenever there is any disaster in the country. Devastation due to recent heavy rain and flood is maximum in Banaskantha district. Therefore, primary relief work has been started in Banaskantha by Ramakrishna Mission from 28th July as soon as the communication link with some of the villages was established. A team of monks and volunteers have gone to interior villages for this purpose with great difficulty. 3000 dry food packets have been distributed among flood affected people. Moreever one thousand kits each containing following essential items costing Rs 20 Lac have been already packed.

294 Kits have already been distributed in Tharad, Jadiya, Dharanodhar, Vasan, Aeta, Shera, Sabawadi, Dedha, Kachchhalapura, Mandal, Negala, Jadi, and Kotada villages of Dhanera taluka and Golia Genaji of Deesa taluka.

Survey is being carried out in other villages in order to plan for the second phase of relief work.

Essential items, food packets, clothes, utensils etc for distribution among flood affected people are being collected at Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda Memorial,opp. Circuit House, R C Dutt Road, Alkapuri, Vadodara. Those interested in contributing for flood affected people may draw the cheque in the name of Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda Memorial and send to the above address. For detail click here.

Date: 31 July 2017

- Swami Nikhileswarananda

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Before going to USA to participate in the Chicago Parliament of Religions, Swami Vivekananda had travelled all over India as a Parivrajaka for about three years, out of which perhaps the longest period was spent in Gujarat. After visiting Ahmedabad, Limbdi, Junagadh, Dwarka, Somnath, Jamnagar, Porbandar, Bhuj, Narayan Sarovar, Bhavnagar, Palitana, Nadiad and other places he finally came to Vadodara in April 1892 and stayed as a guest of Shri Manilal J., the Dewan of Vadodara who was then staying in Dilaram Bungalow. He was a man of piety and great character and was an intimate friend of Shri Haridas Viharidas Desai, Dewan of Junagadh who was very close to Swami Vivekananda. During his stay at Vadodara, Swami Vivekananda spent some time with Shri Manilal J., Dewan of Vadodara in discussing about the educational system of the state. He also saw the library and the pictures by Ravi Varma in the Laxmivilas Palace and then left for Mumbai, probably on 26th April 1892 he wrote a letter to Diwanji Saheb, (Shri Haridas Viharidas Desai) , Curiously enough, there is no mention about Swamiji's meeting with Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad in the above letter. Swamiji had told Prince Martand Varma at Trivandrum that of all the ruling price he had met, he had been most impressed with the capacity, patriotism, energy and foresight of H.H. the Gaekwad of Baroda. Swamiji was also perhaps impressed with the Maharani of Baroda because he wrote on 17.02.1901 to Miss Macleod from Belur Math, "I hope you will go to Baroda and see the Maharani". However, the state records reveal the Maharaja was not in Baroda at that time, but had gone to a place called Lonavali.
                 In all probability, Swamiji met him while he was in Mahabalweshwar or Poona. After his return from the West, Swamiji wanted to visit Vadodara and meet the Maharaja but it did not materialize.It is a matter of great joy that the historic Dilaram Bungalow, sanctified by the stay of Swami Vivekananda in 1892 has been handed over by the Government of Gujarat to the Ramakrishna Mission on 30 years' lease at a token rent of Re.1/- for converting it into a benefiting Memorial of Swami Vivekananda. A new branch centre of Ramakrishna Mission has also been started there. At present there are more than 150 branches of Ramakrishna Math & Mission spread all over the world out of which three centres are in Gujarat, Rajkot, Limbdi and Porbandar. Now the fourth one has been started at Vadodara. Many educational, medical and welfare activities will be undertaken through this branch centre, keeping in view the message of Swami Vivekananda of worshipping the divine in human beings. Thus a long cherished dream of numerous devotees and friends has been fulfilled.




    Dilaram Bungalow,
    Opp. Circuit House,
    R.C.Dutt Road, Vadodara - 390 007.


    + 91265 2320930 / +91265 2356426